Imoticon offers the possibility to make your own unique photos thanks to the customizations that the app has! Edit your face or your friends one and share photos of Imoticon!

With Imoticon Keyboard plugin you can trasform your photos just saved with the application in your personal emoticons!

Capture and Editing
your photos!

Imoticon allows you to wear on your face digitally an infinite number of customizations among eyes, noses, mouths of every kind and taste. Combine them with your imagination!

Once you have chosen the combination take your picture!

Create your

After you create your own custom picture with emoticons you can turn them into your personal emoticons! By combining the features of Imoticon and the plugin for Keyboard you can use them with your friends!

Share with
your friends

You can send via various messaging applications your photos into emoticons format to better express your emotions and feelings with your contacts!



Capture your face!

  • Once you open the app you can take a picture of your face with the camera of your smartphone!
  • Click on the Imoticon logo at the top right to find out the various customizations!

Customize yourself!

  • Open the side menu of personifications and you discover the different categories: eyes, noses, mouths and extra items!
  • Select your favorite one and apply it to your face! You can also apply it to the face of other people through the use of both external and internal camera.

Capture and save the photo!

  • Once ready the shot is time to take the picture!
  • Strike a pose and save your photo!
  • This will create an "Imoticons" folder in your smartphone's gallery that will be send like photos saved by the application!



Choose your photo
from Imoticon

Select directly from the keyboard the pictures created by you with Imoticon!


Turn in your
personal Emoticon!

Choose your favorite one turn it into your own personal emoticons to use in your messages!


Share with
your friends!

Insert emoticons with your face in your conversations with friends to better express your emotions!

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